The Krayola Kidd’s Corral

protrait_kkidd_color_icon_07132016_2x2Howdy! My name is Mike Torrance and this is my little space on the web to showcase my portfolio . Let me tell you what this is all about and a little about myself. First the tech specs: I have a BA in Art from Armstrong Atlantic State University, were I focused on life drawing and painting. Once I left the halls of academe, I began doing various illustration for local companies, as well as work for comic book publishers, like Caliber Comics and Dark Horse Comics. After a couple of years working as an illustrator I was introduced to two things that would change my life forever.

The first life changer was Adobe Photoshop and the second Digital Coloring for comics. Armed with these two new bullets, I ran out and put together a portfolio of some of the worst comic booking coloring ever produced. Enter in the mentor. A friend of mine, knowing my growing interest in comic coloring, introduced me to a local professional comic book colorist, who took me under his wing and set me straight. So, big thanks here go to my buddy Tom and to Lee, who taught me almost everything I know about coloring comics.

After learning the proper ins and outs, I put together a new portfolio and got my first real job as a comic book colorist. I began working for Hi-Fi Color Design. while working at Hi-Fi, I had the opportunity to work on titles for various companies like Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Image Comics on titles like Birds of Prey, GI Joe, Thunderbolts and the X-Men.

I have also done work for Upper Deck on their Marvel Masterpieces II and Iron Man II series. I have done card work for Cryptozoic Entertainment‘s The Walking Dead, DC New 52 and Batman: the Legend card sets.

Please look around and, if you feel like it, drop me a line and let me know what you think. Each Gallery showcases a different aspect of my work; beginning with Kidd Sketches, which is a bunch of different drawings from different places, then it’s Kidd Toons, which is a gallery of my “cartoony” style, next is Kidd Cards, which showcases bunch of the sketch cards I have done over the years and lastly, Kidd Colors, a sampling of my digital coloring work for comics and illustration

Thanks for stopping in.