Sketch Card & Commissions

Hey everyone,

I got my new batch of Retro Cowboy Sketch Cards in, as such I am opening up the Commissions. See the side bar for the details.

Retro Cowboy Sketch Card

Here is what the cards look like without any art on them. Now just imagine how much cooler they would be with something you’d like to see drawn on them. However, if you are not into Sketch Cards I am open for larger commission too.

How large? Well the pricing on the side bar only goes up to 9X12, anything larger email me and we can work out the details.

Thanks for stopping in. Drop me a line if you feel so inclined.

the Kidd

2 thoughts on “Sketch Card & Commissions

  1. I would like an Orson Welles Batman style card as well. How about Marlene Dietrich as Catwoman? Black and white, real watercolory,smooth yet very stylized…

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